Welcome to Coexistence Expeditions ! We Walk the Talk !

Our mission is to empower citizens to become environmentally conscious in an effort to Protect and Conserve our Environment through Eco-friendly Tours and  Nature Expeditions.

Become a change maker for the environment today !!!!


Looking for a tour group with environmentally conscious people? Look no further. Coexistence Expeditions will certainly meet your expectations. The group’s team leader Leah is friendly, organized and chooses a wide range of sites to visit! I like that she maintains a safety standard by providing life jackets which many other tour guides don’t necessarily prioritize. Can’t wait to join in on the next tour!

Testimonial by Yinka

Coexistence Expeditions exceed my expectations with my first tour, very well organised. I look forward to many more trips/adventures with Coexistence. Thank you for the great experience.


Testimonial by Ricardo